The rude shock to the federal government of Nigeria over the sudden abduction of the mother of the Federal Minister of Finance and the pseudo prime minister of Nigeria in the person of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala ? on the afternoon of Sunday December 9, 012 may have been carried by a more organized group of criminals and/or militants. This is according to information available to indicating that the Joint Revolutionary Council [JRC]?s 72 hour ultimatum to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan on Thursday December 6, 012 may have resulted to the abduction of the Finance Minister?s mother.

On Thursday December 6, 012, the JRC released a press statement to select media houses ? of which ? the content of the statement stated that the JRC is called for the President to sack the Federal Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison Madueke within 72 hours. The statement which was signed by Cynthia White read


Note from JRC ?

This is a simple request to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to remove Diezani Allison-Madueke as Minister of Petroleum in the next 72 hours. She is a bad report.

 Mr President, pls remove her NOW!

 Cynthia Whyte

 Spokesperson, JRC

The ultimatum given on Thursday December 6, 012 interestingly expired on Sunday December 9, 012 on the same day abduction occurred.

According to a high ranking security agent involved in the investigation of the abduction in Delta State ? who to on the condition of anonymity indicated that the interrogation of the few suspects arrested immediately following the newsbreak of the abduction suggests that the abductors of the Minister?s mother were not natives of the area ? that the abductors are arrived the area two weeks before the day of abduction. The security agent indicated that the abductors had arrived the area two earlier to monitor the movements of the Minister mother ? and to case the security set up around her and her home.

The security agent pointed to the amount of ransom money demanded [$1billion]as ?simply ridiculous? ? indicating that the demanded amount may be sure sign that the abduction was not the handiwork of normal abductors. ?They may be from a more organized group?.

However a statement by the minister?s spokesman Paul Nwabuikwu said; ?at this point, it is difficult to say whether those behind this action are the same people who have made threats against the Coordinating Minister in the recent past or other elements with hostile motives. No possibility can be ruled out at this point.?

Findings from independent investigation conducted by suggests the lingering agitation between the ex-militants of the Niger Delta and the Office of the Niger Delta Amnesty headed by Mr. Kingsley Kuku ? may have play a role in the abduction. As gathered, the ?phase three? of the amnesty program for ex-agitators of the Niger Delta had been at loggerheads over their unpaid allowances. Some of the former agitators who were promised to be taken to Obruba for slotting, registration and training ? are yet to be called up as promised. Many within the group of former agitators are promised to return to their old ways of earning a living should the Amnesty Office continue to refuse them the Amnesty program approved on their behalf.

In the words of one of the former agitators, General Kingsley Odiri [aka Agas] who contacted, ?this is to debunk what Vincent and Odogwu said, that the phase three ex-agitator has been paid, please no one has been paid yet, we are yet to go to Obruba for our slotting, so do not listen to them?.

It is recalled ? according to an earlier report that Professor Kanene Okonjo, 82 years old, the queen mother of Ogwashi uku was abducted at about 1:47PM by a gang of armed men who seized her at the gate of the palace at Ogbe-ofu and took her away, when the husband travelled out of the town. The kidnappers numbering about 10 were lurking around the palace until the woman and her maid came down to serve workers at the gate soft drinks. Eye witness account said as soon as the woman came down from the main building, towards the gate, the criminals also moved in from the gate to grab and push her into a waiting Golf Volkswagen car.

In the eyewitness words, ?The abductors when they walked into the compound were heavily armed. They were about ten. They bailed up the men fixing the interlocking tiles and asked them to lay face down. Immediately they saw her (the King?s wife who was coming towards the gate with her maid to serve the workers soft drinks) they bundled her into a waiting vehicle the Golf car while another car was parked outside?.

One of the kidnappers, bracing all odds, went upstairs to collect the woman?s handbag. The eyewitness said another maid who sighted the kidnapper upstairs hid herself in the Kitchen.


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