The Porcupine Warriors KUMASI ASANTE KOTOKO

The Porcupines may have won the league, but financially, things are not as kosher as the Chief Executive would like. Dr Kofi Kodua Sarpong has been vocal in his lashing out Kotoko’s Circles, going as far as threatening to dissolve them.

The Circles form the fan base of the club and are a vital part of the team’s structure, however recent monetary discrepancies are causing problems. Dr. Sarpong’s declarations have been met with a lot of unease in the club’s hierarchy.

The problem

A few weeks ago, Kotoko’s management issued out donation coupons to its Circles. These tickets were expected to generate income for the club’s current debts, notably the payment of German coach Hans Dieter-Schmidt. The former gaffer was owed 99,000 euros, out of which $40,000 has been paid presently. The coupons issued totalled GH¢480,000, but according to the reds’ adminstrative manager, less than GH¢20,000 have been returned. And the clock is ticking.

“Dr. Sarpong is frustrated because under normal circumstances, if people are not donating, the coupons should be returned, but money is not coming in and neither are the coupons,” he is quoted by Footy-Ghana as saying to Boss FM in Kumasi. He has held several discussions with the National Circles Chairman on this issue and that is why he made the declaration.”

Decision-making time

The reactions to the Chief Exec’s statements were swift and unpleasant. Nti, however, assured fans that everything is at the proposal stage at the moment. Footy-Ghana reports on Nti:

“People should not panic. He is only presenting a proposal to the Board and that proposal to dissolve the Circles could be rejected by the Board. What we have to do is to go to him as a group and establish what has gone wrong so that we find solutions to resolve the situation.”

A meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss these issues, as well as those of Maxwell Konadu’s status as future Kotoko

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