By: John Fosu

Kumawuhemaa intransigently stands by her avowed determination to sell any available Kumawuman stool land, no matter how small or big it is, to defray any court expenses. She?will use the proceeds to take on whoever brings a lawsuit against her bid to enthrone an Ankaase royal of her choice. Subsequently, she has connived with Agogohene, Kwamanghene and Kumawu krontihene to dispose of hundreds of thousands of Kumawuman stool lands in the Afram Plains to two foreign companies. She audaciously is carrying out these ruinous acts against Kumawuman because she has the tacit support of her soul mate, “Nana yen ka wa sem” – the Supreme?overlord of Asanteman.

Stupid as she and kontrihene are, they have allowed Agogohene and Kwamanghene full?control of the lands so leased or sold out in that dubious deal, even though Kumawu Stool has allodia title?to the lands. The two nation wreckers are only interested in the small one-off kickback the crafty chiefs will give to them. Kumawuman gets nothing from the sale of the lands, which in the first place is illegal, and secondly, utter robbery. Neither of the chiefs with Asantehene inclusive, nor Kumawuhemaa and Kumawu kontrihene has the legal or traditional right to tamper with the boundaries, or the sale/lease, of Kumawuman stool lands. The only person with vested authority to do so is Kumawuhene. However, Kumawuman has no paramount chief as we speak.

Kumawuhemaa, Kumawu krontihene, Agogohene, Kwamanghene and the two foreign companies have the same defence lawyer. They?will appear in court to contest the legality and the basis of the writ served on them by the Young Kumawu Patriots. The young patriots are a group of concerned Kumawu citizens that disagrees?with, and finds it?completely obnoxious the illegal encroachment on, and the?disposition of, Kumawu?Stool lands by the above-mentioned traditional leaders. They think to let go the lands their ancestors acquired through war, sweat and blood and bequeathed to them?for?their benefit and that of subsequent?future generations,?in the manner as highlighted above is morally wrong?hence, suing the above named insatiably greedy persons.

Kumawuhemaa, a believer in spending spree, hence “money swine” has always bad intentions about Kumawu. The?welfare of Kumawuman has never crossed her mind and it?never will. She prefers dishing out the money that?she?could use to develop Kumawuman to outsiders at the expense of Kumawuman and her inhabitants. She had?promised some chiefs sums of money ranging from GHC250, 000 (2.5 Billion Old Cedis) to GHC350, 000 (3.5 Billion Old Cedis) to each if they would help her enthrone a candidate of her choosing from the Ankaase “royal” family.

How could she effect payment of the money promised to the individuals? She was going to use the royalties paid to Kumawu Stool by the government for using Kumawu Stool lands – the encroaching devastation effects of the?Volta river on Kumawu Stool lands because of the Akosombo?dam. The?government places the?compensatory?royalties in special Bank Account created, and supervised by the government, at the behest of the Courts. They?did this?to stop the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II from?further availing himself of the funds illegally as?he did?within the first few months of his enthronement.?Barely had he ascended to the paramount throne when he stealthily withdrew then 1.5 Million Cedis, equivalent?to then $1.5 Million US dollars from the Kumawu Stool compensatory royalty fund. This led to the rise of?”Ya te asem”, a Movement to remove him from the throne for being dishonest.

Anyway, any?paramount chief after Barima Asumadu Sakyi II,?the Destroyer of Kumawu and Kumawuman will have unfettered access tothe blocked funds. You as Kumawuman citizens therefore need an honest,?genuine royal who will use the money to develop Kumawuman to succeed the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi?II. You do not need a crook,?a weakling, an ineligible royal without foresight and without the love and welfare of Kummawuman?people?at heart to?ascend?to?the Kumawu paramount throne.

From all that you have studied from me, Kumawuhemaa and her Ankaase royals are not legitimate royals. Further to that, they are recklessly ruinous especially, the Ohemaa. Because?she is not a true royal, she?is callous to the cause of Kumawuman and the people therein.?She is behaving similarly as the biblical woman that called for splitting up a child she claimed?as hers but the child really was not – “King?Solomon?discovered the true?mother?of the?baby?by her love for her?child, and returned the living son to her”.

Therefore, do I call on you the noble citizens of Kumawuman to know your true royals to?whom the throne must return.

Source: John Fosu


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