According to TMZ, Kanye West was reported to have turned down an offer that could have made him the highest paid entertainer on the Las Vegas Strip.

The offer we learned would have lined his pocket to the tune of $4.5 Million making Celine, Britney and JLo look like casino lounge acts.

According to the written offer obtained by TMZ, Yeezus would have performed 3 shows a week for 3 weeks at the Axis at Planet Hollywood. For that he would have scored a whopping $500,000 per show. Yet we?re told he walked away from it.

At that rate, he could have made more per show than J-Lo, who has an offer for $350K per show, Britney, who also makes around $475K/show and Celine Dion, who currently earns the most at $476K per concert.


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