?More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has ever been taken from the earth.? -Napoleon Hill

From time immemorial, Ghana has failed to fight the problem of money and its adverse effects on the nation. Since the Europeans managed to sway us from our Barter Trade System, the introduction of money has marred the minds of many people till today. Ghana is a home of natural resources and rich soil, obviously. Ghanaians are generally a people of pure heart and love for humanity. Money is an asset, a medium of exchange and of evaluating power. Money, to Ghanaians, is life. To most Ghanaians without money, you cannot live a fulfilled life nor be respected in society. All the rights and freedoms spelt out in the Constitution of Ghana cannot be fully enjoyed in the absence of money, with the exception of the right to life. How many of our public schools offer absolute free education? You must surely pay for books and a few materials. Likewise, movement form one place to another has outrageously increased in price as travelers need to pay high transportation fares to near of far destinations. Food and fish, which are by God?s grace in abundance, are not easy to buy leaving most households unable to afford a three-square meal. Enjoying social amenities such as water and electricity are now mere stories that have left most Ghanaians frustrated. Moving away from all these pictures and scenarios, I would focus on five reasons why money has failed most Ghanaians.

Money first mentality. This is a mindset that has drawn people aback in most of their actions. In an instance where one needs to start a business, an average Ghanaian would weigh the sides very well first before venturing into any of such. His first reaction is money. You want to climb further in the educational pursuit, money. A guy wants to start a meaningful relationship leading to marriage, first he thinks money, and then he withdraws. I am not saying taking money out is the best option. I mean money is good but should not be used to measure every area we want to venture in life. I know of young women who want to get married to the richest men in town before they will be satisfied in life. How about working hard and being independent so that a well meaning responsible (not necessarily rich) guy can be find you attractive, and in the end marry you. You see, there are alternatives when it comes to every issue in our lives. It is up to us to embrace these other alternatives and rule out the money consciousness. Whatever we do without thinking of money first, we do whole-heartedly and the rewards that come with it are mostly amazing.

Selfishness, greed and corruption. This is another angle that money has pushed most Ghanaians into. For the love of money, most Ghanaians have become insensitive to their fellow humans needs. Instead, everyone wants to spring up their financial status and so no one is willing to help another. We continue to amass wealth for ourselves and probably our families only. That is how come most companies today have half of their relatives working in the same company. Those working too, out of sheer greed, evade tax, receive bribes and embezzle funds in the bid to acquire money quicker and faster to meet their needs. You see how far money has brought us a nation, where leaders and politicians are the affluent few among us? Until we erase money from our fore minds, we will remain in such state till we decide to rule over money.

Source: Justica Anima


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