Ama King of Kings smaller tile Christian T Shirt brand, Monarki to unveil new collection, February 9

This Valentine season one company gearing up to celebrate the love of Christ at a special sales exhibition dubbed ?V? is dazzling urban Christian T-Shirt brand, Monarki which will be unveiling five new spirit-inspired designs at the event to be hosted by the PaJohn?s, the private bohemian venue at Kanda on Saturday February 9.

The event, which will run throughout the day will see guests welcomed with a glass of juice, nibble on some chocolates, savour music, meet and make new friends, and most importantly, get the chance buy Monarki T-shirts which are inspired by the Bible, art, literature, music, film and pop culture, and has since being founded in 2007, been a hit as a perfect gift for any occasion.

Revealing the enigma of the choice of the letter ?V? as the title for the event, founder Nana K. Duah explains, ?V is the number 5 expressed in Roman numerals. During this season of love, we felt focusing on God?s love was paramount. 5 is the number of Divine Grace, and Grace is Favour.?

?So,? he continues, ?celebrate God?s Grace and Favour with V and acquire your Monarki T-shirts for yourself, family, friends or loved ones. You?ll find no better gift.?

?Society is long overdue for a more positive, powerful and prevailing image of our Almighty God?, and Monarki aims take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.? Concludes Nana.

Monarki is located at the Osu Forico Mall, off Oxford Street (on the Papaye to Blue Gate lane).

Monarki is a dazzling t-shirt brand gearing you up to make that bold statement of your faith and lifestyle.


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