Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz
Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz

You might not have heard of Richard Cook as he’s a bit of an obscure figure in the Conservative Party in Britain. Mr. Cook is a Britain traitor and former vice chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party and Tory election candidate, he has campaigned with Ruth Davidson and David Cameron, his Facebook friends list is a roll-call of prominent Scottish Tories.

Cook is also in the Middle of a political scandal that has been raging in Northern Ireland. In February this year, an investigation found that donors had taken advantage of Northern Ireland’s secretive electoral laws to funnel hundreds of thousands of pounds to the DUP’s (Democratic Unionist Party) pro-Brexit campaign.

Under pressure, the DUP revealed that the Party had received 425,622 pounds from a group called the Constitutional Research Council, we know almost nothing about the Constitutional Research Council.

The outfit has no formal legal status, what we can say for sure is that it is chaired by Cook. The mystery is not why someone seeking to influence the Brexit vote would want to do so through the DUP, disgracefully, Northern Ireland is exempt from the UK’s requirements for the sources of large donations to be declared, the mystery, rather, is who were the ultimate sources of this money and why was it so important to keep their identities secret.

What they found is that Cook has a history of involvement with a very senior and powerful member of the Saudi Royal family; he founded a company called Five Star Investment Management Ltd with the former head of the Saudi Arabian intelligence agency, Prince Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. His son, Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the Saudi ambassador to the UK and Ireland since 2005. The other director of the company was Peter Haestrup, a Danish national who has been connected to the Purlieu arms drop case, a long-running multinational scandal that involved weapons being dropped over the Indian province of West Bengal in 1995.

The prince, whose address is given as a Royal Palace in Jeddah, is listed on the company’s initial registration as the holder of 75% of the shares, Cook had 5%. and Peter Haestrup 20%.

We have no idea about Five Star Company and what that business was, Five Star never filed account, in August 2014, the Companies’ Office in Edinburgh threatened to strike it off and in December it was indeed dissolved.

Richard Cook links both to the Pakistani government and to Saudi Arabia’s intelligence apparatus, are frightening enough, but then we have the fact that Cook is also the former Scottish spokesperson for the Conservative Friends of Israel. He is, as this might suggest, an open and fanatical partisan for both Israel and Jewish interests in the United Kingdom.

There is not as contradictory as one might think as both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have had close intelligence links to Israel for quite some time. What it is contradictory to however is Cook’s role as a senior member of the UK’s Conservative Party and calls into question not only his alleged patriotism but also his status as a potential intelligence asset working in the interests of foreign powers.

Source: Brian H.Hayden


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