Mr Mohammed Atik, a leading member of Peoples National Convention (PNC) has declared his intention to contest the party?s General-Secretary position in the upcoming National Delegate Congress scheduled for August this year.

ATIK-MOHAMMEDAtik who is a Policy Analyst noted that he remains the fore in his bid to become the next General-Secretary.

?It is clear, and I am very confident that I am winning to become the next General-Secretary of the PNC.?

Mr Atik was speaking to Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra after a meeting with some members of the party.

He said the PNC urgently needs someone like him to help administer and machinate the party to capture power from the National Democratic Congress in 2016.

“I am not coming to deliver speeches or to be an air-wave General-Secretary but I am coming as a grassroots man to lead the PNC to victory in 2016.

?I have the necessary experience and methodology to restructure and strengthen the party?s structures in every corner of the country.?

The Policy Analyst said as a General- Secretary he would ensure that polling and constituency executives are adequately resource to enable them work efficiently to canvas for more supporters towards the next electioneering.

He insisted on the need to elect vibrant, effective, strategic and truthful leaders to aid the party to win the 2016 general election at all legitimate costs.

According to him, he believes he has done a lot for the party and has gained considerable experience to be considered for the general secretary position.

He said his core message to the party delegates is unity.

Mr Atik wished aspirants of the Regional Executive their elections, which comes off before the national delegate congress, victory and urged the delegates to vote for diligent and vigilant persons who could lead the party to victory in 2016.

Mr Atik was born in Tamale on May 6 1986 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Ghana.


Picture shows Mr Mohammed Atik, a policy analyst and leading member of the PNC.



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