A Japan trained horticulture expert of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mrs. Rogatta Antwi-Baadu has organised a workshop on Soil Solarisation to control soil-borne diseases in vegetable nurseries at the Ministries? office in Abokobi, Accra.

Her presentation was on how to control soil-borne diseases in vegetable using solarisation. She touched on the use of plastic sheets for solarisation. ?The sheets should have a transparent color for heating.? She then demonstrated the solarisation for nursery soil.

Mr. Hayashi from JICA Ghana Office added: ?I appreciate Mrs. Antwi-Baadu?s presentation. It  was good and educative. She went to Japan for training and she has shared what she learnt with vegetable farmers in this community. I hope all participants will spread this knowledge to other farmers.?

Mrs. Antwi-Baadu had horticulture training in Japan and Kenya. The workshop was to share her knowledge to farmers and extension staff.


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