Soundcity VJ, Moet Abebe, has revealed that she got her first tattoo in high school when she was just a 15-year-old girl.

Moet is a tattoo aficionado, with no less than 8 tattoos on various parts of her body.

Speaking to a NET correspondent at the Soundcity office, she said it all started when she was a lot younger.

?I was a bit of a rebellious one, but I think as I?ve gotten older, tattoos to me is no more a way of trying to show the world that I?m a bad girl, rather it is now me trying to tell a story for myself on my body. I have 8 tattoos and I had the first one when I was 15,? she said.

She added that her tattoos are symbolic to her, saying, ?Most of the tattoos I have actually do mean something to me. It?s my body and I?m not someone who just inks a random tattoo. Basically, my tattoos mean something to me.?

See photos of a few of Moet?s tattoos.




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