Agricultural Extension Agents
Agricultural Extension Agents

One of the critical factors in unlocking higher potentials of agriculture in Africa is the introduction of digital technology in farming, specialists told Xinhua.

Toby Johnson, head of Communications at the Technical Center for Rural Agricultural Cooperation, said during a field visit in Ghana recently that digital technology offers youths opportunities of entering the agricultural sector.


According to experts, Africa’s agricultural population has been overaged since many young people are reluctant to take up the traditional vocation. And they are convinced that the introduction of modern technology which creates more linkages between famers and markets tend to be more attractive to the youths.

A growing number of youths have been employed and trained to assemble drones by technology companies, while others work as agents for seeking to seal contracts in farming communities.

“Like the drones we see flying here today, and we are starting to see some of these start-ups to profit from it,” Johnson said, adding that these drone technology companies are supporting farmers for precision farming, which will significantly save farmers’ time and energy.

Trotro Tractor, an online platform for farmers to access farming equipment, is gaining more popularity in Ghana. It is an on-demand service that makes mechanization services available to farmers in need.

Waiganjo Njoroge, head of communications of the Alliance for Green Revolution Africa, said the organization is aware of the fact that mechanization is the lowest on the African continent compared with anywhere else in the world.

Njoroge insisted that there was an urgent need to move farmers from the level where they used hoes, to a higher level where they deploy technology, in order to make farming more efficient and productive. Enditem


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