The World Wide Web Foundation celebrates the recent opening in Accra of Mobile Web Ghana’s fixed-location mobile entrepreneur lab. The new lab space was acquired just in time to kick off MWG’s third consecutive training session for mobile application developers in the country.

After two years of moving between temporary locations, Mobile Web Ghana’s trainings, awards ceremonies, community gatherings and demonstrations will now be held all under one roof.  “We can now transfer all that effort to find new lab space into exploring new mobile technology applications to develop and test,” says Florence Toffa, Web Foundation Regional Coordinator in Ghana.

The first lab to be established by the World Wide Web Foundation’s Mobile Entrepreneurship program, Mobile Web Ghana recently kicked off its third training session in March 2012.

Previous trainings have attracted a growing number of interested candidates, as well as gained the attention of a broader community of mobile application developers and investors. Numerous products have been launched by recent trainees, and are expected to be followed by even more this year.

“Finding and establishing this lab is major boost for Mobile Web Ghana, as it will finally offer a proper incubation space, a space where we can host events,                  where trainees and mentors can meet. We look forward to hosting more training sessions in this space, and to becoming a fixture in the community” said Max Froumentin, Web Foundation Program Manager.

A project of the World Wide Web Foundation, an organization established by Timothy Berners-Lee in 2009, the Mobile Entrepreneurship initiative aims to convene the rising increase in mobile phone use in the developing world and its emerging entrepreneurial communities to accelerate the transition of technology development to the mobile platform. Focusing on the mobile platform already accessible to billions of people, this approach will accelerate the deployment of locally relevant content and services.

Source: NewGhana


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