A ?mobile police officer, on Thursday shot and killed a motorcyclist in Kaduna, the tense capital of Kaduna state.

The victim, Umar Danmichika, died seconds after a bullet lodged in his back skull from a close range fire of a Kalashnikov while he was sitting on his immobilised motorbike.?

A rapid deployment of heavily armed police officers ensured that the tensed city, recovering from recent religious clashes, did not degenerate into anarchy. The victim?s comrades had mobilised for a rather violent protest before they were dispersed by the police.

The Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Adefemi Adenaike, confirmed the incident.

?We are doing something about the police officer ?that killed the okada man,? he said.?

He said the killer cop would be charged for murder.?

?The law must take its full course. I have already briefed the Inspector General of police who have given me the mandate to go ahead with full investigation into the matter. We don?t train officers to kill innocent people in the society and take the law into their hands,? he added.

The victim, according to narratives and witnesses, had minutes before the incident eaten late lunch and was on a trip to earn wage to settle his meal debt.

?He is my regular customer, he bought 80 Naira food, he had not paid me when he left to drop the passenger, but I knew he would have come back to pay me, until I heard that he was the one that was killed by the gunshots I heard shortly after he left my place, Aderonke Taiwo who served the victim lunch said.

Mrs Taiwo described him as a ?very good customer.??

?His death is very painful and unfortunate,? she said.

Umar?s colleagues insist his ?murder? was ?deliberate.?

?Wallahi, he was deliberately shot because the boy was not on the road, he was just by the roadside parked and sitting on the motorcycle, so how could he have committed any offence that will warrant him be killed like that. In fact he died instantly,? a colleague said.

The body of the victim was taken to the Barau Dikko Specialist ?Hospital, Kaduna.

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