telecom mobile money
telecom mobile money
In recent times some users of the mobile money transfer service have recounted their experience with mobile money fraudsters who have invaded the mobile money services duping people.
Several users of mobile money are wedged in panic of being a victim of the sophisticated fraudsters using very convincing means to trap and defraud their victims.
Some of the victims who have suffered from these scammers with monies ranging from GHC200-GHC3,500 described their experience as unfortunate.
According to them, the scammers call to inform them that they mistakenly sent money into mobile money wallet and so they should resend it back to them.
It is still mind boggling why this unfortunate situation has not been effectively managed to protect users of the services by the various telecom service providers, despite their awareness of the alarming rate it is increasing.
The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, in April this year said, mobile money operators in Ghana namely, MTN Mobile Money, TigoCash, Airtel Money and Vodafone Cash have recorded 388 money fraud cases in 2016 as against 278 in 2015.
Although the mobile money operators did not reveal the amount of money made away by the fraudsters, majority of these cases have been reported to the police for further investigations and closure.
Although, the Manager of Mobile Finance Services Analytics, Budget & Reporting at MTN Mobile Money, Solomon Hayford has indicated that, inadequate customer vigilance and compromises, forms part of the factors to the uptake of mobile money fraud in the country.
He admonished mobile money clients to be alert so they don’t fall victims to these scammers. According to him, they have informed clients to ignore such messages and calls and rather inform the telecommunication company to follow up and deal with the issue.
‘’We have done a lot on this fraud issue. When you go the police headquarters you will realize that we’ve done a lot. We have organized workshops for the CID and so we have done a lot. Prosecution of some fraudsters has taken place and we are assuring Ghanaians that we will work to crack down on these fraudsters. We will appeal to customers to ignore such calls, check their balance before responding to the fake messages.’’
He charged customers on MTN to send such numbers to 1515 so they are blocked. We are working closely with the police to clamp down on these criminals, he stated.
The modus operandi of these fraudsters ranges from: an anonymous calls from fraudsters, false promotion; cash out fraud and scamming.
Adnan Adams Mohammed