If we ask you about your phone usage charges for office work then you would come up with a huge amount. In small organizations checking the bill details and rectifying the errors are simpler but if we talk about big organizations where there are a large number of bills to be rectified a complete auditing team needs to be set up which is again expensive. Every one works towards minimizing their telecom charges which may include data services or voice services or any other service which is availed.

The use of telecom services is rapidly increasing in companies thus the need for telecom expense management arises. People are not stable which means that now- a- days people don’t work from just one location, they keep on moving from one business site to another. This results in too much use of telecom service like phone calls to share the day to day working and other information or updates, use of internet on mobiles to access e-mails so that the work is not hampered while one is out of office.

Many big companies have established tie-ups with different mobile carriers so as to minimize the telecom expense and to work more cost efficiently.

The employees are asked and advised to use the corporate network as there are many discounts and offers available in corporate connections. Using corporate plan is one of the best measures that can be followed to manage telecom expense as it provides free data usage, free calls under corporate usage group, free itemized copy of the bill and many other corporate discounts are offered. Therefore, it is cost effective.

Telecom expense management and mobile management are the two big challenges faced by any of the organization.

As IT companies are trying their best to cut down the expenses. The attempt of cost cutting has forced employees to use their own devices like smart-phones, laptops, etc for official purposes as the employees are no longer provided with companies devices. Employees do not feel trouble in using their devices but paying the bills for the services used becomes a pain for them. In some organizations the mobile bills are reimbursed but the amount is far lesser than the actual expense that is incurred.

Use of telecom services cannot be reduced as employees need these services in order to keep the work up to date and flawless. It is important for them to be in touch with other employees and with senior management so as to ensure effective working. Mobile management will gradually be under control in the coming span of time.

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