Here are some Facebook mistakes you must avoid being in a relationship

Never snoop around on Facebook profile of your partner. It violates her privacy even though it is virtual world. Facebook is no longer just secondary virtual life of people it is part of their own life.

Hacking her profile
This is a basic mistake some do for fun, show off their skill or for any intention that results in serious offence. No matter how close you are to your partner, you have no right to hack into her profile for whatever innocent reason you may have.

Sending friend request to her friends
It is fine if you send ?Friend Request? to her friends who you know or acquaintance with. However, if you do the same to a hot girl from her friend list without knowing the person, you are in serious relationship trouble.

Ignoring updates
If you are a regular Facebook user and happen to check updates regularly, it is important you not neglect to check her updates. If you are logged in and not ?Like?-ed her update, there is trouble.

Posting offensive stuff
When you are in a relationship and connected to her through Facebook, you must be careful not to post offensive and derogatory stuff on your page. Such posts will be visible to a lot of people include he friends, putting her in tough spot.

Never upload intimate pictures
What you do with your girlfriend intimately in private should always stay in private. It is important not to make the mistake of publicising these materials to gain popularity among your friends. It hurts your partner?s feelings and privacy.

Negative comments
Time to time you will need to comment on her posts. It shows you are paying attention to her. However, it is important you not make the mistake of posting negative and degrading comments about it in public criticising her or her post.


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