Muslims in Hohoe are disturbed about pronouncements by a Gbi divisional chief concerning the missing regalia in the area.

The Gbi Chief, Togbe Asofowus, has said that peace will only prevail in the community if the missing regalia are found.

At an encounter with the National Peace Council last week, Togbe Asofowus of the Gbi Traditional council insisted that though all stakeholders are crying for peace in the area, that cannot be realized until the return of the missing regalia is returned.

He tasked the National Peace Council to ensure the return of the regalia after playing a significant role in ensuring peace is restored in the area.

Responding to the statement of the Gbi chief in an interview with Happy News, the spokesperson for the Muslim community, Alhassan Ibn-Bagtuta indicated that, the muslim community is worried about such a stance since they are doing their best for the regalia to be found.

According to him, mediation with the chief will be the last option if efforts proved futile in the search for the regalia. And the indigenes of Hohoe.

The regalia of the Paramount Chief of Hohoe, Togbega Gabusu went missing during the clashes between the Zongo community.

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