The Management of Ghana Gas has reacted to an allegation circulating in the media regarding the whereabouts of some helicopters, procured to provide surveillance services to the oil and gas installations in the Western Region.
The Company said in a statement on Thursday that on Wednesday, September, 23 2015, the then President John Dramani Mahama commissioned the four Z-9 EH helicopters at the Air Force Station at Burma Camp.
The helicopters were to ensure adequate security surveillance of the nation’s oil and gas enclave in the Region.
It said four helicopters were the total number commissioned and not seven as reported by some media outlets.
The said helicopters were procured from China National Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation.
According to the statement the contract to that effect was signed on December 21, 2012.
“The helicopters are currently stationed at the Air Force Headquarters at Burma Camp,” it said.
Ghana Gas does not have the expertise and hangars to operate and maintain the helicopters, the statement added.
It stated that Ghana Air Force, however, possesses such facilities. Ghana Gas, therefore, mandated the Ghana Air Force to operate and maintain them on its behalf.
“The helicopters are in good working condition and not “broken down” as erroneously reported. It is worth noting that, there is a helipad at the Atuabo Main Camp,” it said.