Hanniel Jamin

Hanniel Jamin, winner of the 2013 edition of Miss Universe Ghana pageant is not only having challenges with organizers of the show but she may also not be representing Ghana at the world version of the event in Russia.

The 19-year-old model who was crowned Miss Universe Ghana on Friday May 24, 2013, at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel is suppose to represent Ghana at Miss universe World event in Russia on November 9.

The 62nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant will be taking place in Russia for the first time at Crocus City Hall ? the only world standard multifunctional arena in Russia. The show is divided into two stages: November 5-Preliminary Show and November 9-Final.

However, there are doubts if Hanniel will make it for the finals following her rants on Facebook about alleged plans to replace her with another person to represent her.

?Someone is trying to impersonate me, Hanniel Jamin by representing me as the Miss Universe Ghana 2013 at the Miss Universe Int?l 2013 pageant in Moscow Russia? Now I see why I was kidnapped on the 3rd of September 2013.

Please Miss Universe Organization Worldwide, pageantology, Missosology, Russian Embassy, Ghanaian and the media please take note,? she said on social network, Facebook few days ago.

Yesterday Thursday October 17, she added ?no matter how hard ?you? the Miss Universe Ghana 2013 beauty pageant runner-up tries to take my place, you will never succeed, you will always remain my runner-up besides you can never steal my position because I will make sure you and the people manipulating things are jailed. Hmmm now I understand why my passport has been sized by the so-called manipulators since 2 months and my visa has not yet been processed.?

Prior to this year?s event, last year winner Gifty Ofori had issues receiving her full price package and had threaten to go to court. Now it seem it is the turn of the new queen to face new challenges.


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