Like many women in other developing countries, Kenyan women have been subjected to gender based discrimination for centuries. They are excluded or under-represented in many political, social and economic decision-making activities in our country.


Despite these setbacks there are many Kenyan women making massive strides in their different spheres of influence.

Miss World, one of the oldest pageants of our time, seeks to celebrate the woman and was founded in 1951 on the principle of charity and giving back to the society, it brings nations of the world together, promoting unity and togetherness with 120 countries represented.

In addition it plays a role in raising awareness about challenges facing the world such as poverty, disease and conflict while promoting action for peace, love and togetherness.

This pageant has helped put Kenya as a whole on the world map and has helped groom our very own people to meet national standards in these competitions. This has been a huge source of tourist traffic through the exposure within the African continent and the world at large.

The Miss Kenya 2015 competition is set to be a red carpet event which will be held on 8th August, at Pride Inn Westlands. This glamorous event will see 18 finalists battle for three crowns i.e Miss Kenya Earth, Miss Kenya Grand International and Miss Kenya International who will work together across many issues as may be found relevant and congruent to the contest. The winners will later compete in the world finals in Australia.

The girls were selected early June and have been taken through thorough training to prepare them for the finals. Tony Chirah, the product manager for Miss Kenya says that the beauty pageant surpasses the superficial search for a beautiful girl and goes beyond to find a young lady that is empathetic and informed ?We are looking for young leaders who are conscious about the environment we live in, seek social good and who promote values and good living in general among people of the region and the world around.?

Kaymu is among the partners for the event. ?We are very proud to have partnered with Miss Kenya this year? Says Terry Mwangi, Kaymu?s Public Relations Manager ?Among the things we will be offering, we will also train the girls on entrepreneurship skills to prepare them for Long­term School and career achievement?

Source: Sokodirectory


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