1463764_10152106610073377_1742268001_n1A project designed to promote Peace and Unity in Nigeria and to have one voice as a nation.

According to Juliet Geoffrey the founder, Miss Green and White Nigeria?is an integrated social, political, religious and community orientation effort aimed at bringing together the Nigerian youth, men and women as advocate for a decent and ordered society as fulcrum to maintain our cultural values, good government and sustainable national development while at the same time celebrating the beauty of young African women and presenting them as ambassadors for peace and unity in Nigeria.

The project will be a good and effective campaign platform to fight violence against women, violence in all ramifications with the help of the government, including religious violence, political violence, tribal violence etc and help to build a peaceful and better society.

We are currently working with the Police and other security agents to achieve this objective.

The coronation ball takes place during the 2nd?quarter of the year 2014.

We implore all other well-meaning agencies, NGOs, government parastatal, corporate bodies and individuals to strive to be a part of this movement towards peace sustainability in our nation.

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