The court system in Ghana is no stranger to the Miss Ghana pageant as many beauty queens have solicited for redress over contractual disputes with various organizers over the years; and the court may welcome another disgruntled queen very soon.


Embittered Miss Ghana 2013, Guissepina Baafi is threatening to drag Exclusive Events to court over the official statement released to the public, stripping her off her crown and other privileges.

Ms. Baafi has threatened that; Inna Mariam and her Exclusive Events Company must retract the official statement as well as retract some of the comments passed by the organizers on different media platforms regarding the reasons for the decision to strip her.

She is also demanding a sit-down with the organizers where she expects that, a settlement be reached for the treatment meted out to her and the character-assassination agenda undertaken against her by the organizers.

According to Miss Baafi, if a satisfactory settlement is not agreed upon, she is ready to go to court and seek for an injunction to be placed on the search for a new queen, Ghana?s participation at the Miss World Pageant as well as future pageants under Exclusive Events.

Ms. Inna Patty, over the weekend, revealed that ? the reason for stripping the winner off her crown was due to the fact that, she (Guissepina) was overwhelmed with the prospects of preparing herself for the Miss World Pageant and decided to resign.

In a related development, a video making rounds on social media proves that, the mother of Inna Patty actually assaulted Miss Baafi in a scuffle to forcibly eject her from her residence. The security man on duty during the day of the said mayhem has confirmed that, indeed, Inna?s mum did assault the beauty queen.

Source: Razz Newspaper


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