New Year?s Eve revelers in Accra experienced a special treat at the Mirror Ball held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel .

As expected, with its well-earned reputation over the past year, the iconic old school event led the way ahead of the pack to bring first class entertainment to hundreds of Ghanaians and visitors alike.

Ghanaians in London and in New York were well represented, not to mention a myriad of other international destinations where you find hard working and fun loving Ghanaians.

The ?Polo Play? theme was fresh and afforded guests a comfortable and trendy transition into the new year. There were all colours of polo shirts or ?Lacoste? as is more commonly referred to on our shores. Premium quality it was all the way and not a ?Gbee Twee? in sight. There were no horses in the Damba Lounge either however the parking lot was full of high caliber thorough bred power as Accra?s mature and trendy rolled up in beautiful chariots.

Fine faces graced the red carpet in style to bid farewell to an eventful year. The final party of 2012 was originally meant to be held outdoors at the Ghanaian village however with the surprise scattered evening rain showers over the past two weeks, organisers had to reconsider the venue.

The dance floor was as Kool as the gang in the low Celsius, never minding the most vigorousof old school moves. DJ Blow honourably wrapped up 2012 with a soundsalute that even included a tribute to GH?s home made Azonto and at midnight the most spectacular fireworks display paused the session for ten minutes as guests witnessed a colourful extravaganza on the hotel?s beautifully manicured lawns.

In the full breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, the skies unveiled a kaleidoscope for the eyes. New sponsor Kalahari Bitters also welcomed the first hundred guests with a cocktail treat mixed with their fine locally inspired but international brands.

Keeping with the Mirror Ball tradition, early birds were surprised with loyalty cards issued by La Palm with attractive discounts for all four restaurants and facilities.

Time flies when you are having a good time and this adage cannot ring more true for Mirror Ballers who had within the wink of an eye experienced classic jam after jam.

?I thank the almighty for his blessings since the Mirror Ball has offered an unrivalled experience in the city and we look forward to another New Year? said Edwin Baffour of the Tag Team. ?The organisers are committed to creating more value for guests and are determined to continue in their quest of innovation to stay ahead of the pack?.

According to DJ Blow, ?there is only one credible old school event in Accra and the Tag Team is delighted about what we have been able to do on a monthly basis to meet the needs of discerning people who lived those legendary days?.

The next event is a ?Freestyle? theme so guests can come as they wish to start off the groove train and January 25.

Ghana l Joy News TV l Dorcas Mensah


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