Miranda Hart
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart has revealed she came close to becoming a professional sprinter after once running a 100 metres race in an incredible time of just 12 seconds.


The comedienne was a speed demon during her youthful years and once completed a 100 metres race in just 12 seconds – less than two seconds better than Olympian Florence Griffith’s current world record – and her passion for sport also saw her land a trial with Queens Park Rangers’ ladies football team.

She said: “I have put on a bit of weight since then. Let’s just say I have got a bit out of shape.

“But yeah, I was a sprinter. I did 100metres in 12 seconds with no training. So I could have probably done that.

“I like the fact I’ve slightly kind of wowed everyone with that fact. I hope I have, because that’s fast.”

Despite being good at sport, the 40-year-old star – who is releasing a funny version of a Christmas fitness DVD – insists getting into comedy was her main goal, and she used to practise during her school years by acting as the school joker.

She added to The Sun newspaper: “I always wanted to get into comedies, ever since I can remember. I saw Eric Morecambe and I thought, ‘I just want to do that.’

“At school, I think I certainly tried to be the class clown. I would get in a cupboard before the teacher came in at the start of a lesson and two minutes before the end I’d come out and go, ‘Sorry I’m late.’ Luckily I was popular, otherwise I’d have been the freak.”


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