Prez Mahama Commissions Komenda Sugar Factory
Komenda Sugar Factory

Although the minority acknowledged efforts made by the Mahama Administration to bring back to life to the old and dead sugar factory, they claim there are many outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

Prez Mahama Commissions Komenda Sugar Factory
Prez Mahama Commissions Komenda Sugar Factory

They agreed the factory is of national interest and must be dealt with on time to avoid future mishaps, however, there are serious and urgent issues about it that must be addressed.

Addressing the media on Thursday June 2, 2016, the minority stated that the location of the factory is not the best. They attributed this to the fact that the location is close to the sea; thus exposed to rapid rusting of the irons and steel components of the plant due to the salty sea breeze.

they claim this is what happened to the old plant and maintained that it exacts huge toll on the profitability of the factory.

The minority says the biggest challenges has to do with diversion of farm lands from production of multi crop to mono crop. This they said can generate food scarcity in the area especially when the new factory if 25 % bigger than the old one. They added that the GHS 60.00 per tonne is too low to sustain the interest of farmers in the business. These are early but we need to get to the basics right at this early onset.

They claim further that the factory is designed to produce it’s own electric power requirement but until it is able to utilise at least 80% of its capacity it will not be able to generate enough electricity to feed the factory. At the onset the factory is required to be on the national grid. They lamented that at the time where the country is facing epiletic power supply, tariffs will go up and the ordinary Ghanaian will have to endure, adding that power supply is a critical issue that should be dealt with properly to avoid misfortunes in the future.

On managerial issues, they said Government would need to clarify the situation and invite private sector participation as soon as possible. This is to ensure that issues that led to the closure of the old Komenda sugar factory is not repeated.

They emphasized that the insufficient or irregular supply of cane sugar from the out grower farms could jeopardise the capacity of the factory to engage in uninterrupted production.

Source: Theresa Adezewa Aryeetey


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