The Minority in Parliament has lashed out at Former Presidential Aspirant Dr. Arthur Kennedy who indicted their performance and rated them poorly.

Dr. Kennedy also called for an assessment of the minority leadership in Parliament saying they haven?t been vibrant as expected.

But Deputy Minority Leader Dominic Nituwul disagrees with the assertions of the former presidential aspirant.

Mr. Nitiwul told XYZ News in an interview that the current leadership has been in office for just a little over a year and has worked hard to expose the ruling NDC governments? incompetence.

He added that the Minority MPs have distinguished themselves creditably contrary to Mr. Kennedy?s criticism.

?I don?t believe that Arthur Kennedy wants the Minority especially the leadership to go on the streets and be fighting everybody. I don?t believe that he thinks we should be fighting NDC in Parliament before people know we are working, the minority has distinguished themselves very eloquently?.

Mr. Nitiwul counseled Dr. Arthur Kennedy to give more attention to criticizing the ruling NDC?s poor governance record than hitting hard at his own party.

?If Arthur Kennedy and his like have done just one tenth of what minority has done I am sure that NPP will not be where we are now.

?Instead of trying to expose the inept and inexperience leadership the NDC is giving us?instead of helping us expose that people who call themselves leading members all they do is to fight the party internally?.



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