The Deputy Central Regional Minister, Mrs Queenster Pokua Sawyer, has warned school feeding caterers to desist from the habits of cooking carbohydrate food alone for the children.

School Feeding
School Feeding

According to the Minister, some caterers have taken undue advantage of the economic situations to prepare unprescribed food and warned that no one would be spared if found culpable.
Mrs. Sawyer sounded the warning when she paid an unannounced visit to some beneficial schools in the Gomoa Central and Agona East Districts.
The Deputy Minister also took the opportunity to welcome new children who have been enrolled at schools for the first time dubbed, ?My first day at school?.
Mrs. Sawyer distributed toffees, biscuits and soft drinks to the children.
She said caterers must take the children as their own and cook foods that were balanced for them. The Deputy Minister cautioned caterers not to cook at kitchens that had not been cemented, adding that there was the need to cook in a clean and hygienic environment to avoid contaminating the foods.
She said the caterers were suppose to use part of the grants to build kitchens, but she was supporting with the purchase of 50 bundles of roofing sheets and 200 bags of cement from her purse.
The Deputy Minister assured the caterers that government was working around the clock to ensure prompt payment of their outstanding arrears.

Mrs. Sarah Yeboah, Central Regional Coordinator of the School Feeding Programme said a total of 298 schools were benefiting from programme in the 20 Districts.
She said series of courses to update the knowledge of the caterers on simple book keeping, accounting, preparation of reports and others to enhance effective running of the programme has been held.



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