FireMember of Parliament for the Odododiodio Constituency, Alfred Nii Lantey Vanderpuije has stated that God will rain down “fire and brimstone” on the arsonists responsible for the fires that have destroyed several markets in his constituency.?

According to him, “six fires in one month, all at night”, was not natural and has thus called on the security services to step up efforts to arrest the culprits as soon as possible.?

Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service for hours on Tuesday evening battled a fire that razed down hundreds of shops at the Makola number two market, in Accra.?

The fire which started around 22:00 GMT, destroyed a very large section of the market. Traders and shop owners who were present looked on helplessly as the fire service attempted to douse the flames.?

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, lamented “what have the market women done? God should punish all those people one by one. God should expose them. They cannot deprive people of their livelihood and go scot-free.”

He called on the traders to “come together and travail and cry unto God. Its too much!”?

“This is not a natural occurence. I think some people are out there to sabotage our government and create uneasiness, fear and panic among the public. This is unacceptable!”?

The people of Ghana cannot continue to endure this intentional sabotage and cruel attitude of people,” he added.?

Source: Philip Kofi Ashon



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