Dr Alex Segbefia
Dr Alex Segbefia

The Secretariat would monitor, evaluate, and set up standards for enrolments to ensure that there is uniformity and equal standards in the activities of the nursing training institutions, as well as to regulate the number of complains the Ministry receives.

Mr Segbefia indicated that the Ministry is moving away from the issue of giving student allowances to a student loan scheme.


He said there is the need to be able to coordinate how the Ministry advertises jobs in the future for qualified students up and down the country on a regional bases.

The Minister expressed gratitude to the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), for donating two vehicles to the Secretariat to facilitate their work.

Mr Tony Goodman, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health indicated that the Secretariat would check the requirement of students the nursing training institutions needs in order to avoid the over burden of nurses on the nation as happening in the Northern African countries.

Mr Goodman noted that, this would help Government to keep track of the number of nurses in the nation and to accumulate the appropriate budget for the nurses in terms of employment.

He said, the Secretariat would monitor both private and public nursing institutions and would determine the number of students a private nursing institution can admit.

Mr Christopher Beyere, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat said the body would deal with issues of school fees, discipline and training in the institutions.

He said the Secretariat is to coordinate all the activities of the training institutions.

The Secretariat has offices such as Human Resource, Administration, Executive Secretary, Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health, Conference room and a Dining Hall.



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