He epitomizes true talent, a prolific songwriter, singer, producer, praise and worship leader.
Minister Igwe stems out as a motivational, inspiration and affable person in the gospel ministry.

Minister_Igwe_This_Is_Not_English_Album_ArtBorn as Olatunbosun Simeon Segun in Nigeria , Minister Igwe realized his music aptitudes at a very tender age thus appreciating it as a gift.

The singer, songwriter, and producer is well vexed in executing the word of God in his songs, demonstrating the power of God and salvation through his electrifying performances with his undoubtedly high spirited level of worship which has earned him the opportunity to perform on bigger platforms across Africa.

His unique blend of traditional African cultures and varied local dialects, fused with the English language drives the most serene and heartwarming charismatic feel of music deep down into the soul of his audience.

His fine and spiritually uplifting baritone voice and his ability to play around his musical notes solidifies even further his position as one of Africa?s budding yet leading Gospel male vocalists.

He has won several awards to his credit; notable amongst them is THE BEST MALE VOCALIST ? (CAN of Nigeria & Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (P.F.N) Ogun State Nigeria.

Minister Igwe is passionately raising as a new breed of Christian worshippers.

Definitely an inspiration to expect on the international market echoing the word of God through sound, quality, spiritual melody. He moves his audience, fills their hearts with joy and sets the bar in his music career.

Just watch out for the minister IGWE revolution of worship, an army of worshipers.


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