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Minister Flight Develops Fault

John Jinapor

John Jinapor

THE DEPUTY MINISTER of Energy, John Jinapor, insists that it is by God?s grace that he is still alive.

He said he experienced the scare of his life on Monday morning whilst travelling to Kumasi from Accra by air.

According to him, the aeroplane by which he was travelling with developed a technical fault.

The Minister said the aeroplane had to return to Accra where ?by God?s grace, it landed safely.?

The two Ministers (Joseph Yammin, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister and himself) were travelling to attend an event organized by Prefos Limited, a local company which assembles streetlights.

He said when the airline had almost got to Kumasi; the pilot announced that the plane had developed a fault.

Mr Jinapor said the announcement made him panic and he felt a sense of uneasiness all over him.

?It was very, very, terrifying,? he said to the gathering that attended Prefos Ltd?s end-of-year thanksgiving service in Kumasi.

According to him, almost all the people on board the flight started praying fervently to God for his intervention as all of them were horrified.

He said they managed to land safely at the Kotoka International Airport, and took another flight back to Kumasi the same day, as they were bent on attending the event.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi


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