By: Robert Ayanful

The Supt. Minister of the Agona Swedru Circuit of the Methodist Church, Very Rev. Kennedy Ansah Eshun has expressed utmost concern about the high level of corruption in the country, despite the fact that Ghanaians are believed to be God fearing people, with about seventy percent of them estimated to be Christians.


Very Rev. Kennedy Ansah Eshun who was addressing a large number of members of the Methodist Church during a 3-Day Camp Meeting organized by the Agona Swedru Circuit of the Winneba Diocese of the Methodist Church said it is worrisome how society has now turned to adore affluent people, with no recourse to their source of wealth.
He blamed the various religious sects in the country of not living up to their duty as the lights to the world by condemning corruption and negative practices, but rather chose to give preferential treatment to the rich in society at the expense of the poor, without regard to the source of their riches.
He pointed out that though laws abound in the country, they are not made to work because some people can influence the very laws with their wealth.
He said as a result of this, what is wrong has now become an acceptable norm whiles what is right has now become wrong, as a result of influence of money.
According to Very Rev. Kennedy Eshun, instead of the Church going to the world to change it, it has rather allowed the world to infiltrate it, and this he said has led to high level of social vices even among those who are said to be worshippers of God.
He has therefore charged all religious sects to live up to their mandated duty of reshaping the live of the people by speaking against bad practices in the society.


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