Come on be a man – give it to me right here. I feel horny…what are you afraid of? As for me I don’t care because no matter what you do people would talk and they won’t stop talking.

Forget about them and give it to me,” a half-naked female deputy Minister was said to have told her substantive minister right in his office at twilight, a few days to the 2011 Christmas break.

The female deputy Minister, very hairy and dark-skinned, was said to have walked into the minister’s office just before working hours and engaged him in seductive talks until after sunset.

She then reportedly began to run her hands through his head and lift her leg in a dangerous angle, apparently to seduce him while she undressed.

The minister, a catholic who believes in the sanctity of chastity, was said to have expressed shock at the development and politely asked the deputy minister to exit his office but she refused and explained that she was feeling horny so he should ‘give it to her’.

The minister, who admitted the development gave him a mild erection, said he managed to control himself and opened the door and shoved her out half-naked. The minister has since been narrating the ordeal to his friends and warned them to be careful of the said deputy minister who he described as having an “evil spirit” and that “the hair on her chest is not for fun”.

This same deputy minister is said to be somewhat generous with her affections when it comes to men in high positions, to the extent that she once dated a controversial senior journalist cum researcher who believes in the Danquah-Busia political ideology.

That was before she became a deputy minister and during the time they were dating, the journalist was said to have sent the deputy minister to a hotel room in anticipation that they were going to “play like adults”.

He however got put-off completely when the deputy minister removed her clothes; and in a subsequent conversation with his friends he said the lady was as hairy as a man and that he was not ready to have sex with a ‘gorilla’.

She has two children with her best friend’s husband.

Source: News One


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