The Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, on Wednesday charged Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs) in the region to operate a non-partisan administration and embrace all citizens willing to contribute ideas for the overall development of their districts.
He said the New Patriotic party (NPP) system of governance was all embracing, listening and result-oriented and warned that there was no room for play as the people were expecting more from government through them.
Mr Bukari made the call when he swore-in Mr Yakubu Ayinga Abagri, the President’s nominee for the post of District Chief Executive for the Binduri District, after the latter was endorsed by all 17 members of the Assembly to confirm him as the DCE.

The Minister indicated that as representatives of the President at the district and municipal levels, it was incumbent on them to foster unity among all classes of people within their jurisdictions, interpret government policies as they were and take advantage of the long list of policies and programmes tabled for implementation.
He argued that political party system per how the originators designed was meant to unite the people from diverse ethnic, cultural, status and class backgrounds to reason in oneness from divergent points of views and conditions.
Mr Bukari reiterated the call for the Chief Executives to marshal resources, especially human resources to ensure that opinions, suggestions, expertise and contributions of the people in the districts and municipalities towards enhancing strong decentralisation system in the country were achieved.

The Minister congratulated the Assembly Members for exhibiting good sense of direction for unity and said the Binduri Assembly had the potential of being one of the best in the country, should its members maintain the current level of unity for the purposes of developing the area.
The DCE responding to the assignment given by the Minister, expressed gratitude to the President for first and foremost considering him for the post and said it was his desire to work hard to bring the needed development to the area.
He touched on government’s planned policies and programmes and said considering the age of the district and the level of deprivation, it was only fair that he practically put the Minister’s charge into working gear to speed up growth.