Mining Association On Chinese Witch-Hunt

Mining Association On Chinese Witch-Hunt.The Ghana-China Friendship Union (GCFU) has observed with keen interest the activities going on in the small scale mining industry. Moreso, the open attempt by the small scale mining association (the body that supervises small scale mining in the country) to undermine the effort of the Ghana-China Business Chamber of Commerce (GCBCC) is very unfortunate. This is in view of the Association?s consistent machination to frustrate the operations of virtually all Chinese mine workers, labeling them as illegal workmen.

It must be noted that, in most instances these men are able to proof their legitimate rights of abode and working in Ghana. However, since some of the current leaders(including the incumbent President of the Association) campaigned on the premise of working hard to expel Chinese workmen whom they branded as illegal, they are hell bent on carrying out this xenophobic crusade. It is however of interest for the public to note that, the President, Public relations officer and General Secretary of the association are all neck deep and ultimate beneficiaries of Chinese mining technology, largesse and labor.

The Ghana-China Friendship Union condemns with no uncertainty this double standards and barbaric attitude of the small scale mining association including some unknowing media allies who have been caught in this destructive and politically motivated course to victimize the Ghana-China Business Chamber of Commerce(GCFU) and it?s hard-working President cum executives.

Finally, we wish to assure the small scale mining association and their unsuspecting media allies that, where they refuse to stop demonizing the GCBCC for no reason other than pure political vendetta, we may be compelled by circumstances to expose their shady activities and operations. In addition, we shall advice the small scale mining association executives to seek institutional redress where they feel aggrieved than to use organized media work to run down the GCBCC

Haruna Nsiah ? Social Policy Coordinator
Kwame Agyei Kodie- Public Relations Coordinator


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