A gold miner in Lukingi breaks rocks in search of the precious metal

A gold miner in Lukingi breaks rocks in search of the precious metal

The miners want government to relax the procedures followed in acquiring mining licenses for legal operations and development of the sector in the country.

Speaking during the National Civil Society Mineral Policy, Law and Taxation review conference recently in Kampala, Mubende Mining executive director John Bosco Bukenya said majority of the miners upcountry are operating without trading professional licenses.

?All mineral rights are vested in the state and everyone requires a license, to carry out any mining activities but the bureaucratic nature of the way government handles its affairs and regulations,? Bukenya noted.

He stated that mining groups registered under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral development take long to get licenses due to prolonged approval of their license applications.

Meanwhile, following a proposal by government to review the mining laws in 2014, the Civil Society has urged government to reduce the costs involved in obtaining the location licenses by decentralizing the licensing process to the district level.

?There is need for government to set up strategies for local community engagement and development, and cater for obtaining community consent and regular information flow,? said Charles Kabiswa

He recommended that government establishes guidelines and regulations for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining to ensure formalization of the sector detailing the relationship between ASM and Large Scale Mining Companies.

The director of Auranda Minerals, Dr Jennifer Hinton also called upon government to establish sustainable enforcement frame works with deterring fines and sanctions against non-compliance and violations by the mining entities.

Henry Sekanjako, Michael Odeng and Anita Atuhire, The New Vision


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