Mina has a pretty smile with dimples on her cheek as she shares her exciting gate-a-way to Jamaica with me. Because I love writing I couldn?t let this pass by, Mina says –

I screamed from the top of my lungs when I knew I was flying to Jamaica.? I live in Broad Ripple Village, IN where things are nothing like Jamaica.

I always wanted to vacation there but the time was never right until now. I was waiting for a long time to lie in the beach, sunbathe, listen to my favorite music, eat and just relax.

It was seven more days before the summer break and my excitement was just growing more and more. I started packing almost everything ? ?she chuckles? thankfully I packed just a little bit more than I needed.

Day seven finally arrived and I was all set to fly to Jamaica. Taking my car to airport just felt ridicules and for the first time in Broad Ripple Village, I took a taxicab which was new and exciting to me.? I never thought riding a taxi would actually be relaxing and hassle free -?she seemed surprised?. She continued ? Me and my friends met at the airport and as predicted we are all very-very excited.

Looking down from the airplane window at the beautiful scenario of Kingston, Jamaica was picture perfect. We landed around 2 pm local time and eager to reach our hotel before that me and my friends needed a taxicab.

Taxicabs in Jamaica were a lot more different than what we have in Indiana. I was really surprised how many people are allowed to fit in one cab.

Actually they call them route taxi- ?she explained.? Actually taking the route taxi became more and more convenient and I explored around.

Hanna, beaches were really to die for- ?she continued?

The smell of the beach was awesome and sunbathe was fantastic. I am still TAN 🙂 you can tell how much I love to tan, isn?t it?

The whole Jamaica experience was amazing I loved the place, food especially the jerky beef patties, people who always said ?YEAH MAAN? and mostly my route taxi rides.

It was time to leave and I couldn?t believe two weeks passed by so fast. I brought my luggage and headed back towards the airport. Jamaica was great.

Oh, as I came back to Indiana I took a taxicab back home it felt so different. I do appreciate how private our taxicabs are. But I will still never forget my route taxi time in Jamaica.

?I have already planned my next vacation destination, its BAHAMAS baby.

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