Under the watch of President J.E.A Mills Ghana’s economy is growing year by year. This is evident by statistics produced by both local and international institutions.
It is now official that Ghana’s economy grew by14.4 percent in 2011, depicting 0.8 percentage points more than the 2010 estimate. Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has disclosed.
Also, the total value of goods and services produced in 2011 was almost 60 billion cedis, about four billion more than the previous provisional estimate, according to the revised Ghana GDP estimate released by the GSS.
Officials of GSS say the revision is based on 90 percent of the data needed to compute the GDP.
 The services sector still remains the backbone of the economy, accounting for about a half of goods and services produced for last year, followed by industry with 25.9 percent, and Agric with 25. 6 per cent. The performance of the services, now makes the country a service led economy
In terms of growth, industry recorded the highest, with 41.1 percent, with services coming in second with 8.3 percent. Agriculture had the lowest growth of 0 .8 per cent.
Mining and quarrying helped push industry’s growth with 206 percent.
All the sub-sectors under services recorded some significant growth; however the same cannot be said for the agriculture which performed badly, with the exception of cocoa, which went up by 14 percent.
The final GDP growth rate for 2010 at 8 percent from a revision of 7.7 per cent, the GSS indicated.


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