A deputy Chief of staff Alex Segbefia has said that, the un-parallel achievement of the President Mills led National Democrat tic Congress (NDC) government justifies a second term. ‘’government is committed to deliver on its promises and make Ghana a better place for, let me tell you; Professor Mills is still a better man for a better Ghana. ‘He said According to him, though a lot more needed to be done, he believed the current government was building a solid base required for the realization of a transformed industrialized nation.

He said ‘’comparing the achievements and successes of President Mills’ 3 years -3-months to the first 4 years of the NPP under President Kufuor, leaves much to be desired, and without a doubt let me say that Professor Mills will win the 2012 elections hands down.’’

Speaking to Radio Gold on the sidelines of President Mills’ one day working tour of the Volta region to monitor the registration process and also inspect developmental projects, Lawyer Alex Segbfia urged the chiefs and people of the Volta region to keep faith with the NDC because, it is the only party which fully represent the interest of the people.

He indicated that though government is performing miraculously well, there was a fair amount of despondency which he traced to the high level of expectation from party faithfuls.

‘’Yes there is despondency but the NDC has not tell its story, the Green book is the beginning, now we hit the airwaves, we do the door-to-door and explain to the people what it is government has achieved.’’ Alex Segbefia said.

He mentioned the increase in the wage bill from 2 billion-to- 5 billion, the successful implementation of the single spine salary structure (SSSS), road construction across the country as few of the achievements improving the lives of the people.

‘’Though we did not promise to put money in the pockets of the people, we have ended up putting money in peoples pockets via the ingenious programs and policies of the President Mills led government.’’

‘’As far as we are concerned our record is there and once we explain it to the people, I have no doubt that the people of the Volta region and Ghanaians in general will retain Professor Mills to continue with the building of a just and a fairer society.’’ A deputy Chief of staff Alex Segbefia said.

Source: Samuel Ablordeppey


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