A member of the opposition New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) communications team, Kwabena Sarpong has suggested the Mills-led administration is falling short of the key principles setting up the ruling NDC – probity and accountability.

Tracing the root cause of the much talked about tension between President Mills and his party founder, former President Rawlings, Mr. Sarpong indicated the tension is as a result of President Mills’ inability to live by the principles of probity and accountability.

Speaking on Joy News Television’s political talk show, Minority Caucus, Kwabena Sarpong bemoaned the level of corruption prevailing in the Mills administration when the NDC founder had severally accused the NPP of corruption in the build up to the 2008 elections.

“Rawlings criticised NPP. He criticised us so bad, so much that he even called the leader of the NPP at that time, J.A. Kufuor, Ataa Ayi. Ataa Ayi is the worst criminal this country has ever known (and) J.J Rawlings gave that name to J. A Kufuor” Mr. Sarpong recounted.

“So when he brings you in, he spends his time, energy, money, resources and brings you in to improve what he has so much described and condemned and you come in and you’re worse than what he has condemned then it gets him irritated” he added.

The NPP Communications Team member dismissed suggestions that the NDC founder’s disenchantment with the President was due to the fact that the latter had not prosecuted sympathizers of the erstwhile NPP administration who were alleged to have engaged in shady deals.

“The whole government with J.E.A. Mills as the head, planned to steal over GH¢ 90 million of the people’s money. That is why Rawlings is angry. He’s not angry over anything. They’re kidding themselves and priding themselves that Rawlings is angry because you have not jailed NPP sympathisers. You’ve taken 13 NPP apparatchiks to court and have lost. Rawlings is not angry because you have not prosecuted NPP sympathisers, Rawlings is angry because of the massive corruption” he said.

According to him, although Mr. Rawlings has not directly uttered the following words in public, “I believe Rawlings wants to tell Ghanaians “I’m extremely sorry for giving you J.E.A Mills” he opined.

A policy advisor to the NPP and parliamentary candidate for Obuasi, Kwaku Kwarteng, who was also on the show, attributed the recent disagreements within the NDC to a lack of accountability on the part of the government.

According to him, government must show that it is committed to accountability by for instance retrieving the monies paid in judgment debt to businessman, Alfred Woyome adding that if the government did that, it may reduce the discontentment within the party as well as assure party members that the government is doing its best to alleviate the sufferings of the ordinary people.

“I think it’s also an opportunity for the Rawlingses and the people the founder called greedy bastards, to say we have had enough now we want to pay attention to the poor and who knows they might be lucky and the internal dissent may go down” Mr. Kwarteng added.

Source: Joy TV


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