By Newman Dotse

President John Evans Atta Mills has gotten it all wrong this time as he groped in the dark in search for solution to end politics of insult currently hovering around the political arena and turned to the National Media Commission (NMC) to help curb the insults in the country’s political and media landscape, instead of advising his arrogant and inexperience Communication Director who insults government critics as if he knows everything on the planet.
The President has misfired by inviting members of the Commission, chaired by Ambassador Kabral Blay Amihere, to the Osu Castle asking them to use their powers to stop the insults on the airwaves as if the solution lies in the hands of the members of the commission when he sees nothing wrong with the foul utterances of his own communication Director, Koku Anyidoho who is so power drunk to the extent that he cannot speak on air without attacking and insulting those who differ on the line his government is towing .
The Citizen believes that President Mills is not in control of this government as he could not discipline the men in his communication team since some of these insults emanate right from the Presidency.
Has the president forgotten the recent insult from his Communication Director, Koku Anyidoho that his Critics Have Rotten Teeth just because they have commented on his inquisition of “Kenkey” price?
Mr. Koku Anyidoho, without taking into consideration what his statement will cause his party, the NDC and the presidency, opened his mouth wide and said all those who have made the presidential inquisition of kenkey price their chewing stick should go ahead with it because clearly, they want to use that to clean their discolored and stinking teeth.
He made this statement just after the President had invited the members of the National Media Commission to his office to solicit their support to curb the menace of insults in the political arena.
The Citizen is asking the President to start the campaign from his own office if he is very much interested in solving the problem because the very people who speak for him have already disobeyed him, thus thwarting his effort of curbing the menace.
Mr. Koku Anyidoho at one time described members of FONKAR as diaper-wearing, bed-wetting, a bunch of political neophytes’ and political infants who have grouped themselves into something, and think that they are going to be able to sink the president in their bed-wetting agenda. We ask; what is insult than this? In any case, who is sinking the image of the presidency?
He is also said to have described a member of FONKAR as a complete rogue, a vagabond, a miscrean and a jail-bird.
With statements like the above emanating from the Communication Director at the presidency, how can the president think that he can stop these strange happenings without calling his men to order to prove to the people of Ghana that indeed, he is the president and the father for all?
As for the internal unity the presidency is praying for, the earlier they stopped seeing some of their own party members as enemies, the better because the party will remain divided until the greedy ones in the party desist from their bad behavior.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper ([email protected]) +233 27 7314655


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