Research fellow at the Institute of African studies, Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte has told Radio XYZ 93.1 FM that the second invitation by US President Barrack Obama to President Mills could be a tacit recognition by the US of some of the economic performances of the country over the years.

President Mills is one of the four African leaders invited to join the G8 leaders’ summit on food security later this year. The other countries are Benin, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Addressing questions as to the significance of the invitation, Dr. Whyte said the invitations to President Mills could be that the US government wants to associate itself with the success story Ghana.

He said the invitation of some African leaders to such meetings is a tradition adopted to meet the conditions of globalization and the growing interconnectedness of the world.

According to Dr. Whyte, Ghana is widely acclaimed as one of the countries with the fastest growing economies and the perhaps “the US wants to associate itself with this kind of success story that is occurring in Ghana and in that spirit encourage its citizens who will like to come to Ghana to come and invest.”

He said this also offers President Mills an opportunity to throw more light on the strategies that have done the trick for the country.

He said the way Ghana and other African nations have managed their agricultural sector might have had an effect on the way the international community regards them, which probably might have culminated in this invitation.

Dr. Whyte however indicated that the fact that giants such as Nigeria and South Africa were left out of the list does not say anything about the quality of their leadership because there may be other factors that might inform the selection of the countries.

Touching on whether, the invitation might positively affect the chances of President Mills in the upcoming elections; Dr. Whyte said “I don’t really see any electoral advantage in this invitation. Afterall it’s not Americans who are going to vote in our elections…”

This notwithstanding,  he said “what the invitation does for the president as far as the elections are concerned is that it may be sending signals to Ghanaians who are quite favorably disposed towards the US and Western countries into thinking that once the Western countries feel very comfortable in the company of the president then  it is probably okay for them to vote for the president; but these things are difficult to measure.”

Source: Radio XYZonline


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