Residents of the Millennium City Estates are living in fear and panic as a result of attacks on their homes and families.

The Millennium City Estate is one of the biggest estates in the Gomoa East constituency in the Central Region, which has Kasoa as its capital.

The Estate has more than two hundred labelled bungalows scattered around, most of them with well-manicured lawns, but this picture doesn’t only represent beauty but danger.

One of the residents who spoke to Citi News on the security situation in the area said “We are not safe at all. Most of us within the estate leave at dawn and come very late in the night. Most of us the night riders are all alarmed and scared. When you find yourself on the road at 8:00pm, you shouldn’t there come into the estate. And if you have to be leaving the house at 4:00am when it is dark, and you have armed robbers laying ambush waiting for you, you are not really safe. We live in a serious state of fear, we don’t know what do, when we close from work we don’t know whether to come home or not. So we are really pleading that we need help because there are so many outlets within the estate” she said.

The estate is a quite environment with less physical activity around. It can best be described as a dormitory estate where all residents work in Accra, but travel back to spend the night at home.

The construction of a police station at the estate hasn’t helped in any way. According to the residents, the station has only one police officer on duty every evening, a situation they argue worsens their security challenges.

“The insecurity in the area appears to grow by the day, and a bungalow located opposite the police station has become the latest area of insecurity. One Colleague and a neighbor who was just opposite the police station was attacked by armed robbers. It was around 8:30 pm when our friend came from his workplace, entered and the guy’s house and swooped on him wearing mask with machete and guns. Can you imagine they had to put him under his bed and virtually scattered his home took everything that could be taken to the extent that they took even his wedding ring and everything, and at the end of the day they ended up taking his unregistered vehicle and drove it away. It was scary people couldn’t even shout for the fear of their lives”, another disturbed resident recounted.

The Member of Parliament for the Gomoa East constituency, Kojo Asemanyi, has expressed some concern about the situation, and has asked for urgent police attention to forestall any calamity.

By: Franklin Badu Jnr/


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