Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, says military reinforcement has been deployed to the Northern Region town of Bimbilla to beef up security following clashes by two chieftaincy gates.

Sporadic shooting in the area on Thursday claimed two lives, returning the ownship to one of its many dark days of chieftaincy conflicts.

Apart from the two deceased persons, several others sustained varying degrees of injuries.

The deceased are yet to be identified but their bodies have been deposited at the hospital.

Mr Nitiwul says every effort is being made to ensure peace is restored to the area.

The conflict in Bimbila comes despite a 12-hour curfew imposed on the area.

Residents had been hoping for the complete withdrawal of the curfew as they say it is impeding economic and social activities.

The Minister assured that the recent chieftaincy conflict is not widespread like in the past.

“It is just within Bimbila township, it is not outside Bimbila,” he said.

However, he admits there have been reported gunshots outside Bimbila.

Reports say the conflict was rekindled after one of the chieftaincy factions attempted to install a new chief.

Police say calm has been restored partially their men were dispatched to the area to maintain law and order.

At the moment, the curfew hours have been increased beginning from 4:00pm to 6:00am.



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