(EXAMINER) After debuting a risqu? music video for ?We Can?t Stop? this summer and showing off her backside as the No. 1 ?hottie? for?Maxim?s2013 Hot 100 list,?Miley Cyrus?has stripped all the way down for?Marc Jacobs? charity T-shirt campaign, with photos going live on Friday.

Miley CyrusThe 20-year-old star posed in nothing more than her birthday suit for the company, urging others to ?Protect the skin you?re in.?

Marc Jacobs Intl. thanked Cyrus on Friday morning via?Twitter, with a message saying, [email protected] Cyrus?we love it, thanks so much for getting naked for charity!?

Miley Cyrus posed provocatively for the Marc Jacobs campaign t-shirt. They are available in nine boutiques in the United States.

Cyrus had just posted images of the t-shirt on her personal account.

The campaign has had a wide variety of celebrities to bare it all over the years, including Naomi Campbell, Dita Von Teese, Rufus Wainwright, and Victoria Beckham.

?I think she?s beautiful. She is talented in so many mediums from music to film. She really has a very good, solid head on her shoulders. I adore her,??said?Jacobs? business partner Robert Duffy about Cyrus.

So far, nine U.S. Marc Jacobs boutiques are carrying the $35 black and white printed top. European boutiques will begin carrying the shirts next month.

All proceeds from the campaign benefit the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.


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