Dr John Magufuli

Dr John Magufuli

Ambassador Amina garnered 253 out of the 2,416 votes cast by the national congress members while Dr Migiro emerged third with 59 votes.

Ambassador Amina thanked the party for trusting women and giving them equal opportunity as men, calling upon all women to show up and contest for various positions.

Addressing the national congress here on Saturday night, Ambassador Ali said if voted she would ensure the country?s unity is protected at all cost.

The veteran public servant and the Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United States of America, told members of the national congress that she would also work tooth and nail to make sure all camps within the party are united.

?Myself I have neither enemy nor camp within the party. One of my major tasks once voted by this congress to fly the party?s flag in October election is to bury all camps and bring CCM members together,? she said.

Having unsuccessfully contested for Zanzibar presidency in 2000, Ambassador Ali affirmed that vast experience she possesses are enough to make her better serve the country.

She said that having stayed in the party for about 38 years as active member; she fully understands the party and she could successfully fly its flag in the much awaited October polls.

?I have been in the party for 38 years. I have also spent 42 years serving in the government, this experience makes me the best candidate,? she told her audience.

She noted that in order to move the country forward, the nation needed to have a strong and loyal leader that would fully stand to maintain national unity. Dr Migiro thanked the party for trusting her, saying falling in the top three meant that she was trusted to fly the flag in the October polls.

She congratulated Dr John Magufuli who emerged the flag bearer, showing her commitment to fully back him in the campaigns. ?We are all winners.

Today is the day that we are celebrating this historic moment for our party, we are confident that the candidate will successfully sail us through,? remarked Dr Migiro who emerged third with 59 out of 2,416 votes.

Dr Migiro noted that she has confidence that Magufuli would be determined in maintaining national unity and cementing the union between Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Speaking on Saturday night when asking votes from national congress members, Dr Migiro said that if elected, she was ready to ensure that the country gets people-centred constitution.

The government has suspended referendum for the Proposed Constitution to give room for the general elections slated for October 25, this year.

She also spoke over importance of protecting union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar under two-tier government system.

?Our union has been strong since then, if I successfully make it to State House, I will make sure that we maintain this union and make it even stronger,? said the former Deputy United Nations (UN) Secretary General.

Dr Migiro who is also the Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs said that experience she got from international level and various ministerial positions were enough to make her best president.

Source Tanzania Daily News


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