By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

The Ghana Blind Union (GBU) with sponsorship from Midland Savings and Loans Limited will launch a program to raise funds to purchase white canes for a large number of blind people in the country.
blind-person-with-caneThe program dubbed the ?White Cane for All? project will be launched at a ceremony at the Novotel Hotel in Accra on the 23rd of June 2015. Mr. George B. Hagan the Public Relations Officer of the Midland Savings and Loans Limited who made this known said the program will coincide with the world disability day celebrations being held throughout the world.
The white cane, which is a tool for empowerment of the blind, is not accessible to most blind people in most countries including Ghana because they can?t afford it. Midland Savings and Loans Ltd is therefore in partnership with GBU sponsoring the launch to raise public awareness as well as funds to purchase these canes to be distributed to the visually impaired in the society free of charge.


George B Hagan Public Relations Officer, Midland Savings & Loans Co. Ltd – Head Office P. O. Box CT 3744 Cantonments, Accra. Phone:0307024124Mobile:0501328551Email: [email protected]
Executive Director
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