The products will be available commercialy on October 26th

Microsoft officials are now confirming the Windows 8 — and Surface RT — launch will be on October 25 in New York City.

Microsoft is still not sharing the specific venue, time or agenda for the launch. Microsoft officials did share that there will be a Manhattan holiday pop-up store opening this fall, but declined to say whether it would be open in time for the Windows 8 launch.

Microsoft is making Windows 8 — and Surface RT, its first tablet running the Windows RT on ARM version of the product — available commercially on October 26.

New York City has been Microsoft’s chosen site for many of its recent Windows launches, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Anyone out there coming to the New York City launch on October 25? If so, anyone interested in a tweet-up/meet-up? Chime in here, if so.



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