Mfantsipim Senior High School, headed by Mr. Koame M. Edjah has signed off an agreement with the Cape Coast Technical School in the area of technical education.

New PictureAccording to the Headmaster of Mfantsipim, Mr. Edjah, this initiative is an effort to promote quality technical studies in Mfantsipim, one of Ghana?s leading senior high schools, adding that ??this memorandum of understanding will enable students from both schools to have access to personnel services and assistance, technical tools and equipment, technical journals, books and other technology assessment in the technical field.??

At a signed -off ceremony in Cape Coast, the Head of Technical Department of Mfantsipim School, Mr. George Boateng pointed out that there was the need to collaborate in sharing facilities and human resources to promote practical and effective academic development of both schools.

Mr. Boateng revealed that, about 120 students are offering technical courses such as woodworks, metal works building & construction and technical works at Mfantsipim School and that rigorous effort is being made to admit more technical students this academic year.

He added, ??although the technical department has been scoring 100% grades in the WASSCE, I am more optimistic that this collaboration would curb some of the challenges my department has been facing over the years, especially in the area of practical works and other technical project??.

The Head Principal of Cape Coast Technical Institute, Mr. Ernest Kojo Lyall said that both schools should see this opportunity as an open door to stronger ties and relationship building. As such, students especially, should see the need to help each other in information sharing.

In his last statement, he urged the students to take up their studies seriously in order to become responsible individuals and contribute their quota to the development of mother Ghana.

At the closing, Mr. John Aitpillah Akpoh, Deputy Headmaster of Mfantsipim appealed to government to provide the school with more technical equipment to enhance teaching and learning.


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