Three men suspected of involvement in deadly attacks on police and troops in Mexico are arrested.

Authorities also seized weapons, ammunition, a quantity of marijuana, and a car which was reported stolen. SOUNDBITE: LIEUTENANT COLONEL OSCAR ZAVADA SAYING (Spanish): “These individuals are thought to have been involved in the events that occurred on January 30th, 2012 when troops from this military jurisdiction were attacked by members of organised crime, and the attack on the State Preventative Police on July 16th, 2011.”

Twelve officers were killed in this attack on the Sinaloa State Police Grupo Elite unit in July last year. The attack in January this year was on military personnel. The men are also accused of involvement in a third incident in which two police officers were wounded.

Mexico’s president has made a point of targeting key figures in drugs gangs but at an increasingly bloody cost. About 50, 000 people have been killed since troops were deployed across the country to stem the flow of trafficking north towards the U.S. Paul Chapman, Reuters.

– Reuters


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